Why Dr. Shafer?

The three “Cs” make Dr. Shafer a powerful weather expert witness – his credentials, general character, and ability to communicate well. He is passionate about analyzing past weather events and communicating the weather’s story.


Dr. Shafer has thorough experience in research, teaching, and forensic weather analysis. Dr. Shafer is one of fewer than 50 individuals in the United States with a Ph.D. and the Certified Consulting Meteorologist designation. He is highly trained in weather analysis techniques with his pure academic pedigree in Meteorology (BS, MS, PhD). Dr. Shafer’s research has been published in scientific journals and presented at numerous conferences. He has worked as an expert witness equally for plaintiff and defense.


Dr. Shafer is easy to work with and approaches his work with thoughtful consciousness on how it may affect outcomes. He is responsive and timely. He conducts his work with strong ethical practices; in fact, he recently served as a board member of the American Meteorological Society’s Certified Consulting Meteorologist program.


Dr. Shafer is a clear and concise communicator. He believes that it is important to be direct and tell an engaging narrative when presenting complex information. He has extensive public speaking experience and works daily with aspiring television Meteorologists on how to tell an effective weather story.