Weather Litigation Services, LLC provides expert witness services, including consultation, meteorological data, forensic weather analysis, written reports, legal document review, and testimony at depositions, arbitration, hearings, and trials.


Weather Litigation Services, LLC specializes in forensic weather analysis, including rainfall return periods, winter weather, and mountain weather. Dr. Jason Shafer, founder of Weather Litigation Services, LLC,¬† has published a variety of research on winter storms and mountain precipitation and has worked as a consultant on various applied research projects in the transportation and energy sectors. Dr. Shafer’s expert witness practice focuses on the weather and climate of New England (Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut), but he is available for case work throughout the United States.

Questions Answered

Dr. Jason Shafer can opine on a variety of topics when weather events are involved in litigation, including but not limited to the following.

  • Place into historical context the magnitude of a heavy rainfall (e.g., was that a 100-year or greater event?)
  • Corroborate timing of wind damage from a thunderstorm based on analysis of radar (e.g., when did the line of storms arrive?)
  • Provide an assessment of temperature, winds, sky cover, and present weather at any location and time in the United States (e.g., what were the maximum wind speeds and how heavy was it raining?)
  • Analyze the ground surface conditions around a winter storm¬† (e.g., was there snow or ice present?)
  • Quantify snow loading from recent winter storms (e.g., what was the approximate weight of the accumulated frozen precipitation on a roof?)
  • Find National Weather Service forecast and storm warning available around the time of an incident (e.g., was there a flash flood warning issued?)
  • Storm duration and timing (e.g., when did the snow storm end and how much snow accumulated?)